Your Dot2Dot City Tour experience is meant to be a fun way to learn about and explore new cities.  We've added the competitive element to make it interesting and a way for you to be a part of the bigger traveling community.

As you start your tour, please be aware of some simple rules:

  • All responses must be spelled and entered correctly.  Answers are not case-sensitive.
  • You can use outside help if necessary to answer questions and move on to your next clue.
  • The app will automatically calculate your points throughout the tour and reveal your overall score upon completion.
  • You can pause the tour at any point between clues at no penalty to explore or enjoy the city.
  • You can skip the question with a point deduction.
  • Although each team member can access the tour clues on their own devices, only the Team Manager will be able to input the answers.
  • Most Important Rule:  Stay hydrated, stay safe, and have fun!